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  • We are dedicated to helping the Citizens of Colorado comply with the Colorado’s Marijuana Amendment.

    It is our goal to help you become legal, stay legal and are prepared to vigorously defend you in the event you are charged with a crime. We take a conservative approach to interpreting the Amendment based on over a decade of defending people charged with drug crimes.

    In order to be protected from criminal prosecution, adult Colorado citizens must strictly adhere to the narrow protection afforded by Colorado's marijuana amendment, Amendment 64. Common sense and knowledge of Colorado marijuana law is necessary to avoid potential state criminal prosecution. Be warned that the laws are confusing, complicated and often silent on key issues. If you have any questions, I suggest speaking with a qualified attorney to help you understand and comply with Colorado law. Be warned. Marijuana, medical or recreational remains illegal under federal law. Anyone who exercises their Colorado marijuana rights must do so knowing that they are violating federal law and at their own risk. We do not condone or sanction such violations of federal law and our advice is intended only to inform Colorado citizens about Colorado marijuana laws.

  • Overview of Amendment 64

    Read our overview of Amendment 64 and how it effects marijuana laws in Colorado.

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