Romer withdraws bill

Medical marijuana law changed again over the weekend! Senator Chris Romer withdrew his medical marijuana regulation bill on Saturday. His reasoning was that neither law enforcement, nor the medical marijuana community provided the necessary support for his bill. Law enforcement is proposing their own bill to restrict primary caregivers to only working with five patients. If passed, this would eliminate both dispensaries and commercial medical marijuana cultivation. After all, who can afford such an investment with only five patients to purchase the medical marijuana? Accordingly, conservative interpretation of Amendment 20 (18) and the Clendenin case remain the best legal protection. Next, it is vital to contact your state representatives and let them know you oppose law enforcement’s bill, as it impacts the patient’s choice of who they want to to act as their primary caregiver. As always, Gard & Bond is here to help you start and maintain your medical marijuana business and to help patients get the legal help they need in these uncertain times. Stay safe!

Jeff Gard

About Jeff Gard
Jeff Gard is a Colorado lawyer providing practical, affordable legal advice for patients, caregivers, dispensaries and anyone interested in medical marijuana.

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